Work at Home as a Chat Agent for Needle

Chat jobs are probably the most sought after work at home gigs and for good reason. Let’s face it, phone jobs can get old after awhile. It’s refreshing communicating with customers via chat or email. Another plus is that you can get away with background noise. Most phone positions want you to have complete silence in the background, which makes it pretty hard for stay at home moms.


Needle is a company that has contracts with major brands. They contract people to work as chat advocates for these brands. Your job would be to answer questions customers have about products, website policies, and general customer service questions.

Needle partners with brands like Reebok, Coach, Adidas, Dicks Sporting Goods,, Living Spaces and many more.

The Pay

Needle pays their contractors based on which brand the chat advocate works for. ‘Needlers’ are usually paid per chat. The amount per chat is dependent on whether the chat advocate is signed up for that particular hour ahead of time or not. They are able to sign on anytime to pick up any overflow chats, and the pay rate is a bit lower.

I think the amount of money a Needler can make really depends on the brand. Also, the time of year really makes a huge difference as well. I know of people that have had times where they were making over $20 per hour for certain brands, and then it dropped down under $10 due to a lower chat volume. Since there isn’t a minimum amount of hours per week required, this is a really good egg to have – but I would recommend not relying on it solely for your entire incomes. I always recommend having a few “eggs in your basket.”

Needlers also get points for every shift or “block” they work (which is generally three hours of chat time). You can exchange these points for prizes, which may vary a bit dependent on the brand you work for. I know of Needlers who received iPads, watches, gaming consoles and mores, so this is a great bonus to have. 

The Schedule

Needlers are able to schedule themselves. There is usually a set amount of hours you are allowed to work per week, which is based on projected chat volume. This can vary a bit throughout the year and by each brand. There is not a minimum, however. You can also cancel your shift six hours prior to your start time, if needed. This is a really flexible egg!

 How to Apply and Training

In order to apply for Needle, you will need to first register and create an account with them, which includes building a profile and completing skill and knowledge quizzes. Needle looks for people that have the appropriate experience to be connected with their brands.

You can apply and create your profile here.

After completing the initial steps, you need to be approved by Needle to start any sort of training. If you are approved, you move onto a certification process which takes a day or so. I know this was paid in the past, but I can’t say for sure if it still is. 


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