DoorDash Order Placer Review

DoorDash is a company that allows restaurants in certain locations offer delivery to their customers. Customers will place an order and pay for their meals through the DoorDash system. DoorDash delivery drivers will then pickup the order and deliver it to customers.

DoorDash hires remote workers to call the actual restaurants and place the order over the phone. They hire people as independent contractors rather than employees.

Earn money legitimately from home as an Order Placer for DoorDash. Create your own schedule!


My 2015 Financial Goals

Happy New Year! I decided I need to write a list of my career and financial goals for 2015. I always go into each year with so much determination, but I never write out concrete goals. I think posting my goals will keep me accountable and help me succeed. 

My work from home financial goals for 2015


5 Tips on How to Make More Money with Mechanical Turk

While I do view Mechanical Turk (or Mturk) as an opportunity for side cash rather than true full income potential, there are people
out there who do make a full-time living turking. I found this
extremely interesting, and really wanted to figure out how they do it, so I did some research. I found there are 5 things people who are successful at making money on Mturk routinely do.

5 ways to make MORE money from home with Mturk