Fetch Work From Home Opportunity

Fetch is a new work from home opportunity I have seen recently, and it seems like a pretty cool gig!

The Position

You would be hired as an independent contractor working 20-40 hours every week. The pay is $12 per hour.  Your responsibility as a buying assistant would be to take shopping requests from customers using a smartphone app and helping them find the best matched item at the lowest price.

It seems as though you aren’t directly conversing with the customers, but merely working at the backend of the app.

The Interview Process

It looks as though you need to take some sort of assessment, and if you pass it you will be scheduled for an interview. The interview requires a webcam. You watch prerecorded questions, and record yourself answering these questions.

I have also heard there may be a credit check involved.


From what I have read, training is self-paced but there is a deadline you need to have it completed by. It does seem as though training is paid.

The Schedule

It seems as though you are able to schedule your own hours, so this job does look to be very flexible!



Apple Work at Home Overview

Apple hires remote employees all over the world for various positions. It is a good paying job, with great benefits.

The Position

Apple hires for various positions, both full-time and part-time. Three of the most commonly offered positions are for iTunes Support, iOS Tech Support,  and CPU Tech Support. As far as I know, all three positions are either chat only or phone only.

The Pay

Apple pays its employees based on a few variables. Your location is one of those variables. From what I can tell, New York and California are the highest paid states. The time you are hired to work will also affect your pay. Graveyard shifts are paid a 15% differential and from what I have read there is also a 10% differential offered based on what time your shift starts. Lastly, the position you are hired for will determine your base pay.

I have seen a wide range of an hourly pay rate based on the above variables. I have read that work at home Apple employees are paid anything from $14 to $19 an hour as a Tier 1 agent and even higher than that for Tier 2.

The Interview Process

There is an initial interview with a recruiter and then two more video interviews after that. You are asked a series of questions both relative to customer service and your position. If you are moved on past your third interview you are sent a background check that is completed by a third party. This background check is very thorough. They will call your past employers to verify the dates you worked with them and more.


Training is paid, and may last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the position you are hired for. I have read that you also need to pass three exams to continue on after training.


Apple offers great medical benefits. They also offer great employee discounts.


Full-time employees are offer a set shift, while it seems like part-time employees have a different schedule either monthly or weekly. There may also be shift bids based on how well your perform every quarter.

How to Apply

Click here to find a list of open positions and to apply.