Earn Extra Money at Home with Ticket Puller

A couple of years ago I signed up to be a Ticket Puller, and I never really followed through with trying it after I was approved. However, I have consistently been sent emails saying there are pulls available – so finally I have looked a bit more into this company to see what type of income it has to offer.



My Experience Working as a Chat Advocate for Needle

I worked as a Chat Advocate for Needle for three years. The client I worked with is a popular online retailer. I chatted with their customers, answering questions about products, basic policies and procedures, and offered decorating advice. My main objective was to increase sales in the department I worked within. 



DoorDash Order Placer Review

UPDATED: Read my review of my experience as a DoorDash Order Placer.

DoorDash is a company that allows restaurants in certain locations offer delivery to their customers. Customers will place an order and pay for their meals through the DoorDash system. DoorDash delivery drivers will then pickup the order and deliver it to customers.

DoorDash hires remote workers to call the actual restaurants and place the order over the phone. They hire people as independent contractors rather than employees.

Earn money legitimately from home as an Order Placer for DoorDash. Create your own schedule!


Work at Home as a Chat Advocate for Needle: Review

Chat jobs are probably the most sought after work at home gigs and for good reason. Let’s face it, phone jobs can get old after awhile. It’s refreshing communicating with customers via chat or email. Another plus is that you can get away with background noise. Most phone positions want you to have complete silence in the background, which makes it pretty hard for stay at home moms.



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